CIRCA 2014
I am looking at the San Francisco skyline over the water. There is an unfamiliar smell of some pungent flowers. I suppose they share my habit of nocturnal awakening.

For five or six hours, my ears have strained involuntarily, hearing every sound as garbled voices. But minutes ago, I heard a real voice.: “AHHH! What do you want from me?” Followed by a ugly, drawn out shriek.

It’s not my affair. I’ll leave it to someone else. It’s not my city anyway, not even my country – it’s cold beside. With a sort of fury, I realized I was likely not the only one luxuriating in this cozy thought. I bolted up growling and burst out of doors into this darkness, stumbling hand and foot down the hill.

Each time I stopped to listen, there was nothing. Only engines and the sound of wind though trees.

I’ve hung my head in shame, teeth still bared in a rictus and slowly walked home. Now wide awake, I hear no voices. I’m pacing in the garden, Sniffing like an animal at this strange aroma and listening for another lonely scream.

PS.  I love my home town and I love my family.  This message isn’t for those who read my blog.

death wish charles bronson.jpg