The Irrelevance of Human Design

Our plans are not the unifying principle of human behaviour. The bible tells us that our creator made us from dust. Progressive thinking was obligated to substitute man for God.  Thus they would plan families and seek global governance in accordance with their own sense of benevolence.  The other, believing their brain is made in the image of God’s, think of the character his motives, plan and acts in terms of their own.

Islam subordinates all plans to the deity’s command. Events occur, choices are made not as determined by the order of nature, but by the will of it’s creator.  This philosophy has a practical side: is a religion which obeyed is quite capable of abrogating the motives of it’s adherents. The political and juridical precepts entail extreme violence, though it is sincerely embraced by many a gentle and innocent man. By law, Muslims must teach their children to obey the Koran. The tragic result of this instruction is that ocassionally this is exactly what their children do:  They follow the Koran, hadiths, tasfir, fatwas and historical activity of Islam – authorities which broadly define Islam as such.

This abrogation brings me to the issue raised by Anonymous Conservative here:
The notion that “true” religiosity requires sobriety and mental stability is absurd. (as a sober true Scotsman) Islam becomes dangerous merely by obeying it. It requires no particular malice – just do what it tells you to and BOOM.

In this case, the individual was running people down with his vehicle yelling Allah AloHackbar. The police avoided the obvious connection with Islam. When the story emerged, they tried to change the subject: The Jihadi was too demented to form criminal intent. If the police and politicians truly believed rationality was the standard of culpability, it would be the government that had to answer for this atrocity.

The administrative classes, even law enforcement ignore what even mental defectives can easily explain: an existential conflict is underway.

Among the threats to our survival are the behaviours acting in accordance with Mohammed’s command. Whether rational, complicit or negligent, so long as it facilitates jihad (particularly nonviolent Jihad) it advances their cause. In the case cited, the public service is extending it’s protection to Islam’s reputation and giving leniency for the Jihadi. In so doing, it has implicitly carried out Islamic edicts.  Rather than evidence of the Jihadi’s misguidance, it is perceived an impressure of Allahs authorization.

The problem before us is how to create evolutionary conditions incompatible with the persistence of such behavior. This not a problem of psychology. Bribes produce perverse incentives and threats are welcomed by Jihadis as the pathway to paradise.

If we are to survive, institutions that offer their services to our enemies must go extinct. Our lands should be barren to those Those who pray in the morning and the evening for our destruction.

Those nations are kindest to Muslims who are deaf to their entreaties for unfettered entry, fearful of their reassurance and contemptuous of their project.  It is not hate speech, quite the contrary. Such apparently hostility provisions is the most stable means of extending our coexistence.

Some peace loving people would no doubt take offence. As they tuck snakes into bed with their children, they decide to make it their mission to call the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Please, go ahead, report a hate crime. I don’t mind being arrested, because I know that a dawn will soon rise. On that day you shall forget your noble intentions and discover the irrelevance of human design.