Real estate agent for the Caliphate

Calgarians invited Bill, so why didn’t the border service let him in? Who’s he going to harm? No one. He disagrees with dogmas that make people run for their adult coloring books. If he blew up US soliders instead of being a cop, Canada would welcome him in with 10 million dollars.

Oh we’re going after the cheerleaders bro, don’t you worry about muslims. Muslims I can deal with. Islamophiles are degraded.

These people don’t give a hot egg about Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Earth – my home. And for all the good intentions, Islam is designed to be to be malignent in situations very much like our conditions. Making concessions, subsidising them, giving their ideas breathing space. We’re literally creating the problem we’re pretending we’re overcoming by paying it away. Calgary Muslim associations have excreted a number of men who joined ISIS fighters to Syria.

The truth hurts. Only in that sense will he be hurtful. The rest in annoyance. “Canada is a land united, nobody is annoying” says our annoying prime minister..

“Canada’s Border” a regulatory “pore” that is already letting in a steady stream of haphazardly criteria’d immigrants. The taxonomies by which people are judged are inherently incoherent. They disregard lightly bonds of kinship, they suppose religion doesn’t matter, or is just a bit of color and ritual. I’m not going to let the organization that virtually serving as real estate agent for the caliphate decide who I choose to make my guest. That’s not longer theirs to decide.

The border guards reading text files – It all reeks of a pretext, because these people have never grappled with the magnitude of the problem they’re merrily inviting in. I don’t lie to you, it is like a zoo where all the other animals look at each-other separate by glass and parallel lives. Do I think Nenshi (the Muslim Mayor of our city) was involved? On the background, not particularly likely, and there’s no evidence of it. In connection to the Mosque with a fecundity for ISIS fighters, he did give a video-taped message to the big “One Ummah” organized by international muslim groups. A Ted talk for the greater Jihad more or less.

Though I liked the fake bacon served at the Muslim Stampede breakfast here in town, I’d even do without the ethnic food, but now that we’ve got the recipe… I don’t believe hate laws are laws. It’s like passing a law that it is always the day time. You can only generate lies to mask it. It’s time to end this game of bad cop, didnt do nuffin cop. On this officer Wild Bill is bang on.

We know for a fact that Islamic inflammation has already created dire fanatics within our cities. These people are not meeting an evangelical an getting into a debate then thinking “By Allah! I need to go to butcher civilians in Syria.”